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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Election truce in Iraq

This is a possibly big development. As reported by The Washington Times and republished by the World Peace Herald, the U.S. forces in Iraq have agreed to a truce with some insurgent groups during the election and for a while afterwards.

U.S. military, insurgents agree on vote truce
By Paul Martin
December 15, 2005

After months of painstaking dialogue, U.S. officials have persuaded most of the main insurgent groups to cease violence for today's election and its immediate aftermath, U.S. officials said yesterday.

In return, the U.S. military agreed, despite severe internal disagreements, to halt "offensive operations" during the period, U.S. Embassy officials said on the condition of anonymity.

A transition from bullets to ballots has to come, if there is to be a stable government in Iraq.

Could the transition be starting already?


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