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Friday, December 02, 2005

Corporal Jeffrey Starr's last words: All of them

Danny Westneat of The Seattle Times is right: Anyone who wants to state the last words of the late Corporal Jeffrey Starr, U.S. Marine Corps, ought to include them all.

Even President Bush couldn't do it – omitting the part that said: "I kind of predicted this — that is why I'm writing this in November. A third time just seemed like I'm pushing my chances."

I suppose the president's speech writers didn't want to include anything that would remind people of the long passage of time since the invasion of Iraq – long enough for a young Marine to be facing his third time in country.

Corporal Starr's courage is evident from the omitted passage. He wasn't a naive and reckless young fellow who didn't realize the dangers. He knew full well what could be ahead, and he went willingly into harm's way.

His courage and commitment ought to be fully recognized, even if some people are reminded of how long our armed forces personnel have been in Iraq.


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