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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sun Spots: No NASCAR track talk in 2003?

There's a puzzling statement in today's edition of The Sun. An article by Travis Baker states, among other things:

Race Track 'Correction' Repealed, 2-1
 Earlier vote had the appearance of clearing the way for a track.
By Travis Baker, tbaker@kitsapsun.comNovember 29, 2005

"The timing couldn't have been worse," said Republican Commissioner Jan Angel, who voted against repealing the "correction." There had been no talk of a NASCAR track here in 2003, but by last April prospects for such a track were a hot rumor.

It appeared that the commissioners were greasing the skids for such a track.

Since the nondisclosure agreements signed by Kitsap County commissioners and employees were dated in September through November 2003, and the decision to allow racetracks in the South Kitsap Industrial Area was purportedly made on November 17, 2003 according to the KCRP complaint in Pierce County Superior Court (link to pdf file), how could it be true that "there had been no talk of a NASCAR track here in 2003"?

What could our leaders and "servants" be promising not to disclose about their dealings with the NASCAR folks in the autumn of 2003, if not the possible location of a racetrack?

P.S. -- 3:55 P.M., Nov. 29 -- According to The Sun, Commissioner Jan Angel took a trip to Kansas City in October 2003 to view the NASCAR track recently built there:

NASCAR Timeline
June 23, 2005

International Speedway Corp., a racetrack-building company controlled largely by NASCAR, begins looking for possible Washington sites.

October 2003: Kitsap Economic Development Executive Director David Porter, Port of Bremerton Commissioner Cheryl Kincer and County Commissioner Jan Angel take a trip with Snohomish County officials to Kansas City, Kan., to view the ISC-owned Kansas Speedway.
It seems that either Jan Angel or Travis Baker has misstated the facts about the talk of locating a track in Kitsap County back in the autumn of 2003.


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