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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lord Tim

First impresssions can be misleading. Having heard Tim Botkin speak once at a forum for county commissioner candidates, I was puzzled at the fact that so many people passionately opposed his re-election as Kitsap County commissioner.

For a while he has been writing a column for The Sun, having quite a bit more time on his hands after his electoral defeat; and his writings reveal a lot more about his ideology than was apparent during that morning's forum.

In today's column, for example, he has again shown himself to be unable to acknowledge the fact that Iraqis are now free to choose their own government leaders. Notice how he couldn't bring himself to write the word, freeing, without using quotation marks:

Due to our continuing missteps in Iraq, our national credibility at home and abroad is in tatters. Our claims of "freeing" that country are discredited by reports of prisoner abuse, media interference and our inability to establish their military or rebuild their infrastructure — these on top of our reputation as self-serving, yet touting "globalism."

Read the whole thing, and keep in mind the existence of a large country with a powerful military force in opposition to our own during something called the Cold War -- you won't find it mentioned in Lord Tim's screed. He has a very odd view of the world.


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