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Monday, April 11, 2005

Logan denies sweeping things under the carpet

In the KOMO News report about the King County elections commission appointed by County Executive Ron Sims is this astonishing statement by Dean Logan:

The man in the eye of the storm is elections director Dean Logan. He won't quit. He welcomes an investigation.

Logan is upset by a recent criticism that King County's elections [is] the worst in the nation. "I think we are far from the worst elections operation in the nation. The fact that we are talking about these errors and not sweeping them under the carpet and pretending that they didn't occur is clear evidence of that," he said.
Okay, so somebody somewhere is worse – but what’s this stuff about “not sweeping them under the carpet”?

Logan’s gang has consistently tried to sweep things under the carpet.

  • Their November 15, 2004, ballot count report didn’t add up. As it turns out, that was because they weren’t accurately reporting anything about the numbers of provisional and absentee ballots.
  • They simply stopped reporting the number of absentee ballots received and counted on November 16 and 17.
  • The number of absentee ballots received was reported to be 566, 291 – except in a bogus “mail ballot report” submitted to the canvassing board, which had the total as 568,333.
  • The canvassing board was also given a bogus “provisional ballot summary report” which reported a total of 27,641 ballots accepted as valid and counted. In mid-January, a corrected provisional ballot report changed that total to 28,010 – after Gregoire was sworn into office.
  • Logan claimed in early January that 348 provisional ballots had been improperly inserted into the ballot boxes via the Accuvote machines. On March 11 he finally released records showing that the number was more than 664 – and there is not even a shadow of a doubt that Logan’s gang knew it in November 2004, much less January 2005. Their own notes from before November 17 show that they knew of these unlawfully cast ballots.
  • Their so-called reconciliation report in the infamous “big binder” simply adjusted the numbers to conceal the fact that hundreds of illegitimate polling place ballots were in the vote count. Even if it had been shown to the canvassing board, it would have almost certainly misled the two other members -- but Logan surely would have known it wasn't a bona fide reconciliation of ballots and voters.
  • Logan claimed that the ballots-to-voters numbers at the vast majority of polling places had been reconciled to only a one-ballot discrepancy. That was after “adjusting” the numbers to conceal the hundreds of unquestionably illegitimate ballots. Having figured out where they came from and how they got into the vote count, Logan tried to fool everyone into believing that there were only 348 spread around at 540 different polling places.
  • Logan argued endlessly that the fact that at least 1800 more ballots than voters were evidenced by his list of voters credited with voting wasn’t an indication of voting fraud. It clearly was evidence of exactly what people claimed: Logan’s gang had counted the votes on hundreds of ballots that didn’t belong in the vote count.
  • Logan has now admitted to having done so with approximately 916 polling place ballots, and we’re still waiting to see how high the number goes for absentee ballots. Logan’s gang admitted last week that they don’t know what the number is.

If it wasn't a carpet, what was Logan trying to hide these irregularities under?


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