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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

916 illegitimate ballots cast & counted at King County polling places

Update March 23, 11:27 AM: After proofreading the "net difference" column, I found one that I had skipped. Corrections to the numbers in this entry have been made to reflect that 216 more ballots than could be accounted for were in the King County ballot boxes. That brings the total to 916.
Update March 22, 11:23PM: I proofread the "PBAV" column and found two that I had skipped. So the total in the "headline" has been changed to 915, and the numbers affected by my having skipped those two have been corrected.

The formulas in my spreadsheet now seem to produce correct totals, so I can update the numbers stated in the previous entry.

Regarding the 348 provisional ballots reported as having been inserted unlawfully into the AccuVote machines --

  • 312 were included in the 664 "adjustments" reported by King County on March 11,
  • 36 were not included in that total of 664 "adjustments."
As for the 664 "adjusted #" figure released by King County, 352 of those "adjustments" were in addition to the 348 provisional ballots which Logan's gang admitted in early January were unlawfully inserted into the ballot boxes via the AccuVote machines at polling places.

That's a total of 700 provisional ballots which King County's chief election officer (Dean Logan) admits were illegitimate ballots that were included in the county's vote tabulation during the last general election.

After the so-called reconciliation, Logan's gang is still left with another 216 ballots in their vote tabulation for which they don't know the source. In other words, there were 216 ballots which weren't presumably legitimate, since there is no record that they were ever issued to anyone.

That's a grand total of 700 + 216 = 916 illegitimate ballots in King County's vote tabulation according to the explanation from their chief elections officer which was issued Friday, March 11, 2004.


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