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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Joe Hill never had it so good

The next time you hear someone complaining about Washington state taxes, it would be a good bet that the complainer is not a state employee represented by a union.

As the Seattle Times reports today, those guys are raking it in -- not shelling it out:

Many state workers are getting the biggest raises they've seen in nearly two decades — maybe the biggest ever — under new contracts negotiated by Gov. Christine Gregoire's office and approved by the Democrat-controlled Legislature.

Thousands of workers are getting double-digit increases. Some raises exceed 25 percent. In all, increases in salaries and benefits for some 111,000 state workers will cost nearly $1.6 billion in state, federal and other funds over the next two years.

How long will it take for taxpayers to wise up?


Blogger quasimoto said...

WOW, Christine, who actually stole the election, has almost undoubtly secured her re-election with these measures. Talk about patronizing your special interest groups, only worse, empowering them for many years to come as the most powerful lobby in the state, as if it wasn’t powerful enough in the last election. Whew, this to me is even more criminal than one of her first accomplishments after taking office when she empowered the labor unions to mandate everyone must join so that the democratic coffers for political donations would expand. All this in a state which not very long ago was complaining of a fiscal crisis. Your typical tax and spend democrat. These measures will have profound implications on the fairness of elections and the states economy for many years to come. I see these changes to be a large part of what has ruined California and always admired Arnold S. for attempting to take on the Labor Unions, although he lost almost all of those battles. This is politics at there VERY worst. If a republican had attempted to consolidate power to such an extent, he would have been lambasted and sent to trial. Just what we need Christine sweetheart is more lawyers and lobbyists

Move to Washington and join a state sponsored labor union today don’t wait, Christine is in your quarter (just remember to vote democrat).

July 02, 2007 6:33 PM  

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