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Monday, February 26, 2007

The proper reaction to attacks

So often we see so-called anti-war activists use the deaths of our military men and women as excuses to quit the fight.

It is probably too much to expect that people not in the fighting would react the same way that buddies of the fallen react, but we could at least not take the opposite approach.

Here is an occasion when fighting men reacted to the enemy's attack on their platoon leader by redoubling their own attack:

Several of the younger Marines, weeping like children, ran to his side. Some of the older Marines briefly considered a mercy shooting. But Lummus kept urging them forward: “Dammit, keep moving!,” he uttered. “You can't stop now!”

According to the official report. “Their tears turned to rage. They swept an incredible 300 yards over impossible ground... There was no question that the dirty, tired men, cursing and crying and fighting, had done it for Jack Lummus.”

It's worth reading the whole thing.



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