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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ward Churchill may be on his way out

One more step has been taken toward the removal of the charlatan named Ward Churchill.

If the recommendation to dismiss him from the University of Colorado professorship which he has used to spread his lies is followed, Churchill can join Michael Bellesiles in well-deserved infamy.

As noted in the executive summary of the latest report, Churchill committed what might be called academic fraud to spread his lies about our nation's history:

The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct at the University of Colorado at Boulder has accepted the conclusions of the Investigative Committee that Professor Ward Churchill has committed serious, repeated, and deliberate research misconduct.

Strangely, the recommendation to fire this mountebank was not unanimous:

In deliberating about appropriate sanctions, SCRM was not unanimous in its recommendations, nor did it feel any obligation to reach a consensus. The SCRM’s rules do not require a consensus; moreover, since the committee’s role is to provide recommendations to the ultimate decision makers, we believe that representing the range of perspectives of the committee members will be most useful to those decision makers. With that in mind, six of the voting members of the committee recommended dismissal, two recommended suspension without pay for a five-year term, and one recommended suspension without pay for a two-year term. (Our recommendations were the result of a secret ballot. As with the Investigative Committee, we agreed among ourselves not to disclose to anyone our individual votes.)

What does it take to persuade all the people on such committees that a liar who portrays his lies as serious academic publications -- even when he is a leftist -- should be fired?

The damage such people can do is enormous when they use their positions as professors to disseminate lies. Churchill, for example, has been instrumental in the leftists' effort to fool people into believing that the Indians of North America were victims of genocide carried out by colonists from Europe and their descendants with what amounted to biological warfare. Many people on the left now believe the lie and use it as one basis for denigrating the greatest nation on earth.


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