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Friday, May 26, 2006

Leftists wouldn't know a book ban if it bit them

Predictably, the books on an Illinois school district's required reading list will remain despite the offensive parts.

Also predictably, the leftists claimed that the challenge constituted an effort to ban those books:

"They pick out the things that offend them like individual words, situations and sexual incidents," Krug [the American Library Association's director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom] said. "They have a right to do it and that's fine. But when they attempt to remove materials so no one has the choice to read them or not, then we take offense. Because what they're doing is saying, `I know what's good for my children and your children,' and that's not their right."

They generally have the ability to understand the difference between making books available to students who choose to read them and requiring that students read certain books.

But in this case as in most others, the leftists set up a straw man to knock down, rather than attempt to answer the actual argument of their opponents.


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