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Thursday, April 28, 2005

If Logan admits it, it is indisputable

In questioning Dean Logan about the discrepancy between the number of voters and the number of ballots inserted into the ballot boxes via the Accuvote machines, Mr. Hamilton (representing the Democrats) asked whether such a discrepancy could have resulted because some people brought absentee ballots into the polling places and inserted them into the machines.

Logan agreed that, if the ballots were from precincts that voted at that polling place, the machine would accept those absentee ballots. The result would have been more ballots in the ballot box than voters who cast regular polling place ballots.

Then, much to my surprise, the Democrats’ lawyer asked whether there were absentee ballots mixed in with polling place ballots during the manual recount in December.

At pages 419 and 420 of Logan’s deposition is this exchange:

Q. In fact, during the hand recount, absentee ballots turned up with the poll ballots during the recount, correct?
A. I believe there were some instances of that, but I don’t know that that necessarily correlates to the scenario you’re talking about, and that more likely happened in the sorting of the ballots in preparation for the recount.
Q. You don’t have any evidence that the absentee ballots were inserted during the sorting with the poll ballots, do you? All you know is that absentee ballots turned up intermixed with the poll ballots during the hand recount?
A. There were instances of that, yes.

Never mind the lack of evidence for Logan’s implausible explanation for the presence of those absentee ballots among the polling place ballots, note that such an error in the sorting of the ballots in preparation for the manual recount would have reduced the number of absentee ballots counted during the recount.

There was no such reduction in the number of absentee ballots counted. The number rose each time King County counted. (The number of polling place ballots also rose each time.)

Since Logan admitted that there were instances of absentee ballots among the polling place ballots, it seems clear that this is a demonstrable fact which he cannot dispute.

Since absentee ballots are clearly distinguishable from polling place ballots by simply looking at them, it is clear that those absentee ballots could have – and should have – been removed and rejected as invalid ballots.

There was no way to identify the persons who put those absentee ballots into the Accuvote machines, therefore they were clearly not valid ballots.

I wonder how many there were. (I don’t wonder why they weren’t taken out and rejected. Logan’s gang was desperate for every ballot they could include in the vote tabulation. They weren’t going to look for folded provisional ballots and absentee ballots in the ballot boxes for precincts in which they knew there were more ballots than the number of regular ballots issued.)


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