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Friday, December 31, 2004

Democrats admit to cooking the books

As reported in The Sun today, a spokesman for Governor-elect Gregoire compared the King County vote-counting process to baking cookies:

In all, King County tallied 899,199 votes Nov. 2, while the preliminary list the county gave Republicans and others who had requested it credited only 895,660 people with voting.

"If they never explain this adequately, that's a huge bombshell in this race," state GOP Chairman Chris Vance said.

Gregoire's spokesman Morton Brilliant said Republicans were acting like children watching a batch of cookies baking, reaching in too early, then complaining that they're still gooey.

How could King County have avoided counting the extra, illegal votes of people who voted twice -- once by mail and once at the polling places -- if they didn’t maintain a correct, up-to-date record of the voters whose ballots had already been counted?

It is now almost two months after election day, but King County claims to be unable to produce a correct list of voters who voted in the election.

Perhaps it is fair to describe what they’re doing as similar to baking cookies, except that it’s the voting records that require more time in the oven to complete the cooking process.


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