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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rossi's Last Day

We asked earlier: How many "last" days are there?

There are as many “last" days as there are counts and recounts. Footnote 2 of today’s supreme court opinion stated:

While RCW 29A.60.210 requires recanvassing prior to certification of an election, and RCW 29A.60.190 speaks of certification occurring on the fifteenth day following a general election, it is clear to us that whenever a recount occurs, amended abstracts are certified that supersede any prior abstract of the results. RCW 29A.64.061. The statute does not define “certification,” but the regulations promulgated by the Secretary of State make clear that certification involves the preparation and transmission of abstracts of votes to the Secretary of State. See WAC 434-262-010, -020, and -080.

There’s one other “last" day – today is the last day on which Dino Rossi is the governor-elect. While the job isn’t complete until the paperwork is finished, Rossi’s slim lead is finished beyond a shadow of a doubt, now that several hundred more King County ballots can be included in the final tally.


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