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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Climategate" has an impact

Despite what silly people like Al Gore (who hasn't read any of the leaked information) say, the disclosure of emails and other files from the Climatic Research Unit that is now often called "Climategate" has an impact.

People who insist that they are scientists and that we should all trust what they say about man-made global warming can insist all they want (as they have and will), but their work deserves close scrutiny to find out how much of the warming is "man-made" in the sense that they made it by adjusting little things like the instrumental records from thermometers.

If more articles like this one in the UK Daily Mail were published in the lame-stream media, the impact would grow even greater. That is, apparently, why so many in the "news" media are reluctant to publish such things.


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