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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Preconditions for talks with Iran

Barack Obama, when asked during a debate whether he would talk with the leader of Iran "without preconditions," famously answered that he would talk to Iran without preconditions. (He backtracked later, after his Democratic Party primary election opponents pointed out how naive he was to promise such a thing.)

Well, Obama, now that you claim that you would, of course, engage in diplomatic "preparations" before holding presidential-level talks, what is your position on the preconditions announced by the government of Iran?

This would be a good question to pose in the final presidential debate, since our news media appear to be ignoring this development:

Will you agree to withdraw entirely from the Middle East no matter what the effect on our vital interests and on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to abandon our allies, the people of Israel, to whatever fate awaits them at the hands of their enemies?


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