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Friday, August 01, 2008

Seattle: The Nanny City

Is there any point at which the residents of the Seattle Soviet will say "stop"?

Soon, they may have to pay extra so their table scraps can be recycled:

Seattle residents could see a 29 percent increase in garbage rates and an 18 percent increase in water rates next year. Seattle Public Utilities says rates need to go up to keep up with inflation and rising fuel costs and pay for a new table-scrap recycling service.


The bill a single-family home would pay for garbage collection each month would increase close to 29 percent, from $23 in 2008 to $29.65 in 2009, which would include a new weekly collection for food scraps.

The city will require all single-family homes to sign up for the new food recycling service in April 2009. If approved, the garbage rate would go up on March 31.

Maybe their nannies at city hall believe too many people let their pets enjoy the scraps. It's not good for Fido, you know.


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