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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jayna Davis Pans Rohrabacher's Report

Well, that congressional subcommittee's report apparently won't make for interesting reading after all.

Jayna Davis is sharply critical of Rep. Rohrabacher's effort to chase after false leads while all but ignoring the leads Davis had uncovered long ago:

Congressman Rohrabacher’s personal inquiry into my research has been cursory, limited to a phone conversation with the former CIA Director Jim Woolsey and brief interviews with only two of my witnesses, whom he has publicly described as "credible."

In Summer 2005, bombing convict Terry Nichols told Rohrabacher in a face-to-face interview that the substance of evidence outlined in The Third Terrorist "could be correct." Upon exiting his prison meeting with Nichols, the congressman told me in a recorded phone conversation that I had developed "the heaviest evidence of foreign complicity," yet my 368-page copiously documented book warranted only five paragraphs in his final report, neglecting to mention any and all major elements of my investigation.
I say without compunction that Congressman Rohrabacher has issued a shamefully incomplete report on the Middle Eastern connection to the Oklahoma City bombing, and in so doing, has performed a grave disservice to the truth and the slain of April 19, 1995.

Read the whole thing. It seems that no part of our government has any intention of closely investigating the circumstances uncovered by Davis. I wonder why.


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