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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Baker and Hamilton's Iraq Coffee Klatsch

This Washington Post editorial deserves an award for getting straight to the point and getting it right:

An Unlikely Offensive
The Iraq Study Group imagines a Middle East that doesn't exist.
Sunday, December 10, 2006; Page B06
THE IRAQ Study Group's recommendations for shifting U.S. military tactics in the war are specific, focused and aimed at incremental improvement over the next few months; they are also close to what the Pentagon and Iraqi government already were hoping to achieve. By contrast, the group's diplomatic strategy is sweeping -- and untethered to reality. The Bush administration could and should adopt some version of the military plan, though it would be right to ignore the unrealistic timetable attached to it. But to embrace the group's proposed "New Diplomatic Offensive" would be to suppose a Middle East very different from what's on the ground.

They called themselves the "Iraq Study Group," but their work product is roughly the same as could have been expected from a coffee klatsch.


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