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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Obama Fails Global Test

Where was Senator Barack Obama during the last presidential campaign? Didn't he hear about the global test?

There was a big gathering of people urging action (of some apparently undefined kind) to end the "genocide" in Sudan's Darfur region. As reported by Agence France-Presse:

US legislators also spoke at the protest, including Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, and Democratic Senator Barack Obama, who said: "If we care, the world will care. If we bear witness, the world will know. If we act, the world will follow."

The conflict has surged as a top issue in Washington as peace talks under way in Nigeria faced a deadline on Sunday. Mediators hoped to salvage a peace agreement but two rebel groups said they would refuse to sign the deal.

Just what "act" does Obama want the U.S.A. to perform?

Let's see: There are battles between rebels (two groups of them) and the government of Sudan. Lots of people have been killed, and even more have fled the fighting but suffer as refugees. The rebels refuse to sign an agreement to end their rebellion. What "act" could change this situation? An armed invasion by U.S. forces?

Are the leftists now demanding that we invade a country which poses not the slightest threat to us? (Don't they know that Osama bin Laden doesn't want us to put our armed forces in Sudan?)

Having checked the coverage in the Washington Post and New York Times, I'm wondering if the French reporter just made that up about Sen. Obama. According to "our" papers, neither Pelosi nor Obama said anything newsworthy. They weren't even mentioned in the Post and Times. Some heavy hitter named Clooney got all the attention.


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