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Friday, April 14, 2006

Washington Post and ABC News Form Tag Team

First the Washington Post took a stab at smearing President Bush, then ABC News via "Good Morning America" laid on a little more calumny:

As Paul noted earlier today, the Washington Post's story this morning [April 12] on the mobile biological weapons labs in Iraq was highly misleading. (The Post reported, as if it were an expose, that one team that was sent to examine the purported mobile labs reported that they were not intended to produce biological weapons. But buried deep in the Post's story is the fact that three teams examined the trailers, and two of the three thought that they were indeed intended for bioweapon production.) But ABC, on today's Good Morning America, went the Post one better, twisting the Post's already-deceptive story into a "Bush lied" claim:
They'd found a couple trailers that he said actually were the mobile biological laboratories that he said showed that they were indeed developing WMD, and The Washington Post has a story today that says the President knew at the time that was not true.

Thanks again to Power Line for acting as a sort of clipping service and making it possible for those who are interested in the truth to keep up with at least some of the "liberal" and "progressive" lies being told by the Democrats' accomplices in the "news" media.

Trying to keep up with the lies told by the president's opponents would be almost impossible for any one person to do.

That's obviously why they tell so many lies. They know that many of their viewers and readers won't learn that what they saw or read was nothing but lies.


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