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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Seattle Times Echoes AP Lie

The Seattle Times published an editorial opinion piece today that continued the lie:

Transcripts and a government video revealed the administration and the president were warned in advance about the perils of Hurricane Katrina, the vulnerability of levees and the potential for catastrophe.

The president is not directly responsible for making sure ice and cots are available, but he is accountable for the urgency of the response by his team.

Before the storm hit, he was told firsthand about the dangers. So, it is mystifying how he could stand before the American public four days later and declare no one could have anticipated the levees being breached. [Emphasis added.]

Earlier, a room full of people he presumably leads told him exactly that. [Emphasis added.]

Occasionally the Seattle Times editors show some sense, but this isn't one of them. Bush was informed by Max Mayfield, the weather expert, that he didn't think anyone could say with any confidence whether or not the levees would be "topped" by the storm surge. No one told Bush that the levees would be "breached," yet the Times claims someone did.

Here's an idea: Name one person in that "room full of people" who told Bush "exactly that."


Blogger Jacob Metcalf said...

Why are the Republicans so weak on Homeland Security? The Mexican army was on the ground in faster the the George Bush lead federal government.

March 06, 2006 7:57 PM  

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