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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Credit To His Party

Jacob Metcalf, of the "Young Democrats" in Kitsap County, is a credit to his party.

Consider this comment of his on the "Tracking the Speedway" blog maintained by the Kitsap Sun.

He apparently also puts notches on his "political resume."

It's little wonder that people like Albert Armand Gore and Howard Dean are still considered to be prominent members and even leaders in that political party. A habit of spewing balderdash and bile may be considered a positive trait by their young acolytes.


Blogger Jacob Metcalf said...

I was using sarcasm to make a point. As a potential Faux Newz fan you might have seen it before it.

The former vice president of the United States and the man that more American people attempted to vote for in Florida full name is Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

Later on in that same site one of the Nascar media agent implied that I was a commie. Strange since he was the one asking for corporate welfare and the merger of state and business.

You are right to be worried about Chairman Howard Dean. Now that the Democratic wing of the Democratic party is running the national DNC the right-wing radical Republicans and their culture of corruption have a lot to worry about this election year. I know Chairman Dean and I would take a bullet for him and I know hundreds of proud patriotic Democrats that are willing to do the same. How many chickenhawk Tricky Dick Haliburton loving Republicans do you know that are willing to do that for Ken Mehlman?

I also think you are a chicken shit for not putting your real information on your blog and requiring a blogger account for comments.

March 06, 2006 7:49 PM  

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