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Friday, January 06, 2006

Sun Spots: Breathless in Bremerton

The Sun publishes only the letters to the editor that meet their standards. Could it be that they like long sentences? Or, was it the libelous allegation of murders committed by Americans in uniform that made this a "winning" letter? (For a chuckle, try reading it aloud without taking another breath before finishing.)


Can’t Support Killing Innocents

While I can’t say I necessarily support those who choose to join a military that they know to be carrying out the murders of innocent, helpless people (there comes a time when every person must listen to their own conscience and "just say no"), often for nothing more than the promise of a buck, yet it’s clear some at least, are not entirely aware of all the facts, are deluded about what they are getting into and, for that reason, can be forgiven, to some extent, though I doubt those they are killing, and the families and friends of those they have killed, will forgive them.

Gerri Thomas

Some people say the darnedest things.


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