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Friday, December 30, 2005

Kyoto Protocol Freezes Europe

Apparently, the Europeans need to crank up the old carbon dioxide generators.

Is it Kyoto? Or, is this just another part of weather variability that is attributable to "global warming"?

Whatever it is, those low temperatures sure surprised me.

Europe slip-sliding around in sub-zero freeze
Germany among coldest spots, but Italy and France also in icy grip

Updated: 3:44 p.m. ET Dec. 30, 2005
BUDAPEST, Hungary - Driving snow and icy winds caused traffic chaos across much of Europe on Friday as temperatures dipped close to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit in some places, sending motorists slip-sliding and delaying flights and rail travel.
According to Meteomedia, a private weather service, the coldest temperature measured in Germany overnight was minus 38 Fahrenheit at Funtensee Lake in southern Germany.

Switzerland also shivered, with MeteoSwiss meteorological experts recording the lowest temperature so far this season. The coldest was La Brevine, 3,000 feet high and often dubbed “Switzerland’s Siberia,” with minus 33 Fahrenheit.

Two homeless people have been found dead in Rome over the past two days and Florence woke on Thursday to 10 inches of snow, the most in 21 years. Temperatures in the north reached minus 20 Fahrenheit.


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