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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Voting more than once

At the Secretary of State's web site is a really large "pdf" file that contains, among other things, an excerpt of the deposition of Colleen Kwan and a copy of the spreadsheet King County disclosed after the conclusion of Dean Logan's deposition – the one that showed 437 provisional ballots were inserted into Accuvote machines in addition to the 348 "PBAVs" disclosed in January.

The file is titled Petitioners' Brief in Response to WSDCC's Motion on Dual Voters. (The crux of the motion and reply is that the Democrats want only one of two ballots cast by any "dual voter" to be treated as an illegal vote, and the Republicans want both to be treated as illegal votes.)

Kwan's deposition and the accompanying exhibits are on pages 31-76 of the pdf file. The spreadsheet showing 437 more PBAVs is the work of Kwan and people assigned to assist her.

Kwan completed this particular assignment on March 23, 2005; but Logan claimed during his April 18-19 deposition that he believed there were no more than 660 PBAVs. Interesting: Kwan's work showed the presence of 437 in addition to the initially disclosed 348 – for a total of 785. Did Logan not know what Kwan's work revealed? Was it his lack of knowledge that caused King County to wait until the conclusion of his deposition on April 19 to disclose Kwan's spreadsheet to the petitioners? Who's in charge over there?

The spreadsheet showing 437 more PBAVs indicates that 97 of the people who apparently inserted those ballots into the ballot boxes were credited with casting another ballot in addition to the one unlawfully inserted into the Accuvote machines.

Previously, the spreadsheet showing a different set of unlawfully cast provisional ballots totaling 348 had shown that 40 were cast by people who had been credited with casting another ballot.

That appears to be a total of 137 provisional ballots out of the 785 so far identified by King County which were used by people who cast more than one ballot in the election.

I say "appears to be," because the petitioners in their brief state that they understand the total to be 129. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding – or they have the number 129 imprinted so firmly in their minds that it just pops out once in a while. (Update May 19, 6:08 PM: At Sound Politics, Stefan Sharkansky has posted a copy of the petitioners' subpoena and list of presumed double voters. The list contains 129 names. So, apparently there is a reason why they believe the total to be 129 and not 97+40=137.)

Did some people in King County take advantage of the amazingly sloppy administration of the election to vote more than once? Apparently, at least 137 did.

The percentage of ballots cast by poor, confused, innocent, registered voters who just didn't understand the terribly complicated instructions ("put this ballot in this envelope after you mark your votes and bring it to me") among this latest group of 437 appears to have been 59%.

Of the 437 ballots, 355 were cast by registered voters. Of those 355, there were 97 cast by people who didn't limit themselves to casting only one ballot during the election. (They are apparently not poor, innocent people who simply failed to follow instructions.)

Subtracting the scofflaws from the 355 leaves 258 provisional ballots that were unlawfully inserted into the ballot boxes by registered voters who apparently didn't vote more than once. (Of course, King County's records are so sloppy that all of them may have cast more than one ballot, but apparently only 97 of this group of 437 did so.)

So, how do we subtract the scofflaws' votes from the count?


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