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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Proportional analysis to be tested

The Seattle Times reported today that the Democrats requested, and naturally were granted, a hearing at which the admissibility of the Republicans' "proportional analysis" will be decided:

Judge John Bridges has granted Democrats a special hearing to challenge the Republicans' expert witnesses and their statistical analysis. Republicans want Bridges to apportion alleged illegal votes by the same percentage as the total vote in any given precinct.

At least we may know before the beginning of trial whether the Republicans have anything to offer as evidence after spending so much time, money and effort identifying voters who were apparently disqualified from voting by previous felony convictions.

Update May 16, 2005: On the SecState web site, a letter from the Democrats to Judge Bridges states that the admissibility of the expert testimony will be decided at trial. The letter asks that it be set for hearing before the beginning of trial on May 23 -- even before opening statements, so both sides can factor the court's ruling into their case presentation. Sounds logical. Why in the dickens have they waited until May 23 to decide if it's admissible? The letter says the petitioners' schedule wouldn't allow an earlier hearing on the question.


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