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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Freddy Thompson seeks supporting role

Carl Cameron says he has known for months that Fred Dalton Thompson only sought to be Vice President:

Back in March of 07 at the CPAC convention in DC several former Fred Thompson Congressional staffers told me Fred Thompson was thinking about a run. Some of his Tennessee cronies had been talking him up too.

I reported first that he was eyeing a White House bid. At the time several insiders told me OFF THE RECORD that it was largely a trial ballon to guage his popularity and float his name as a possible vice presidential nominee. I was sworn to silence.

If Cameron is correct, Thompson never expected to make a real run for the presidency -- and was surprised to find that his "trial balloon" initially soared:

...the Thompson camp was stunned by the incredibly positive response and didn’t really know how to manage it.

Thompson still supposedly wants a supporting role as someone's running mate.

Next time, if there is a next time, when Thompson says he is drawing a line in the sand, wait until the tide comes in to see if he runs away from it.


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