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Friday, January 20, 2006

SKIA Sub-Area Plan and NASCAR

It's hard to imagine what kinds of development might be attracted to the South Kitsap Industrial Area by the presence of a NASCAR speedway -- other than retail businesses that are specifically excluded from that area by the sub-area plan.

An article in today's Kitsap Sun indicates that retail development is exactly what occurred in the Kansas City speedway's locale:

The Kansas respondents nearly all said that retail development around the speedway has been brisk, with stores and a movie theaters going up in places that were once home to farms.

Granting that the sub-area plan allows retail businesses which support the primary uses, it also notes that the SKIA isn't intended to provide for the retail business needs of the region:

Page 36 of the plan: "6. Retail uses, except those in service to primary uses, will not be permitted."

Page 38: "The SKIA Plan is intended to provide for integrated groupings of medium to large size businesses using a master plan approach. The goal is to provide sites to support the creation, development and retention of primary wage employment in the professional, technical and manufacturing fields and not to site the general retail commercial needs of the region."

What gives? Is there follow-on development that would be spurred by the construction of a speedway and would also be permissible without changing the sub-area plan?


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