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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sunspots: Stylish News from D.C.

The Sun of Bremerton, Washington, looked east for an article to place on page B1 of today's edition--the Nation & World section--and found one in the other Washington: an article written by Joel Achenbach for his column which had been published on Monday in the Style section of the Washington_Post.

Quite stylishly written, it was--sprinkled lightly with anecdotes about Democrats who hate President Bush (because he is a "horrible" and "hateful" man) and Republicans who fear that the Democrats will resort to fraud to win.

After removing several hundred words from the original article, The Sun presented it as news rather than commentary--thereby saving the ink which would have been needed to print "commentary" above it. (Attributing it to the Los Angeles Times on The Sun's web page, rather than the Washington Post was, no doubt, merely an error--not an effort to obscure the trail back to the original article. The print edition correctly noted that the article was from the Washington Post.)

No harm, no foul: It probably seemed like a slow news day in the nation and world; and The Sun's readers may benefit from knowing that Democrats approach election day in an unhinged condition, while Republicans are simply fearful that unhinged Democrats may try almost anything to win.


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